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Payroll Bureau

Outsource your payroll to Wages Payroll Services

We offer a comprehensive payroll and pensions processing service, you choose the level of support you need and will take care of the rest

Bronze Level Support

We will be there to provide expert advice for the moments you run into something for the first time or have an issue with your payroll software but can't connect with their helpdesk.

As a bronze level client we will also commit to providing emergency cover if something unexpected comes your way.

Silver Level Support

We will provide a full payroll and pensions service, we have a simple fixed monthly fee regardless of hires and leavers, so you can be confident of the cost of our service.

Included in the service:

- Payslips, delivered by secure email or through a secure payroll portal providing your employees access to all their financial information in one place straight from their mobile or web browser.

- HMRC submissions for payroll, CIS and statutory payments.  We will keep you compliant with your employer duties, as and when they fall due.

- Financial reporting tailored to your business needs.

- We integrate our payroll with your pension provider so we will complete all your Auto Enrolment requirements, from monthly submissions and pension correspondence to triennial declarations to the Pensions Regulator.

- We will also provide general employment information and advise on employee issues.

Gold Level Support

We will provide the full payroll and pensions service included in Silver Level plus a payments service utilising the Faster Payments system.

Our payment service is simple:

- We upload your employee and HMRC payments to a secure payment service, you get a notification that payments are ready and fund and approve the payments up to the day of payment - it's as simple as that!

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Having over 20 years of experience working in payroll, pensions and HR; from multinational corporations to accountancy firms, we can provide expert analysis and input into many areas.

Salary sacrifice design and implementation

​Utilising effective salary sacrifices can be an opportunity to give more to your employees at no cost to the business; or even just a good way to save both employees and employer money.

Making sure you get it right from the start and that your employees understand the benefits is the key to a successful scheme.

We offer:

  • Salary sacrifice schemes designs and targeted communication materials for your employees;

  • Full support to implement any changes required to your payroll software, processes and pension provider;

  • Confirmation from HMRC that your scheme is compliant;

  • Ongoing support should anything change.

Independent payroll and Auto Enrolment records and CJRS reviews

It is important that as a business you have the security of knowing that you have fully complied with legislation around payroll and pensions.

Especially now given the complexity of the JRS scheme it can save you a lot of time and money now to ensure that you have met the requirements for claims submitted over the furlough period.

We can provide a full review of all your payroll information and provide an independent assessment of any issues.

Anything else you need?

We have extensive experience across payroll, pensions, Auto Enrolment and software & structural change management.

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